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Cover art for Foad Moradi's song: Gol Va Khak

Gol Va Khak

Foad Moradi


"Gol Va Khak," translating to "Flower Under the Soil," is a profound piece from the ancient Tanbour repertoire, steeped in metaphor and cultural significance. This piece artistically symbolizes death, likening the beloved to a flower returning to the earth. Historically, "Gol Va Khak" was a staple in funerals, often accompanied by melancholic lyrics, offering a poignant reflection on loss and remembrance. This ancient maqam is distinguished by its two distinct narrations. The first rendition is notable for its free tempo, eschewing a constant rhythm, which allows for a more expressive and contemplative interpretation. In contrast, the second narration adopts a steady 7/8 rhythm, a signature of the "Garyan" rhythms or dances in Kurdish music. Intriguingly, these rhythms, including the 7/8 and 16/8, are typically featured in Kurdish weddings, showcasing a vibrant, celebratory energy. This juxtaposition is particularly fascinating; "Gol Va Khak" employs an energetic rhythm (Garyan) traditionally used in joyous occasions like weddings to evoke memories of loved ones who have passed. This unique use of rhythm serves as a form of emotional homeostasis, balancing our feelings and reflecting the cyclical nature of life and death. The piece thus stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, honoring those we've lost while celebrating the continuity of life. In its essence, "Gol Va Khak" is more than a musical ancient piece; it is a cultural bridge connecting the past to the present, sorrow to joy, and life to the afterlife, resonating deeply within the hearts of its listeners.

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