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Cover art for HOUNDTRACK's song: Weightless




Further trials in meshing experimental electronic elements with a more classic dance music sound. The first half of this song is my attempt at fusing the sounds of two of my favorite producers, Thook and Flume. It's got Thook's telltale growl with Flume's metallic synths. The second half goes into more uncharted territory with my own sound design techniques. Most of the sounds in that chorus are manipulated samples of my vocals. I like to pitch the vocals up, then mangle with them in a custom granular synthesizer I made called the 'Granuhounder.' Most mornings I start off by drinking a cup of coffee and messing with the Granuhounder. I'll record myself tweaking the parameters for about 30 minutes, then go back and pick out my favorite parts which become the foundation for the song. This is the third song on my album Last Chance At Life. Each song is part of a larger story in which three friends leave a ravaged Earth behind in search of a new planet. On 'Weightless' the crew finds themselves floating in their homemade space craft through an asteroid field. To read the full story, go here: Each song on the Last Chance At Life album has its own artwork created by Leonardo Silva (@itwasleo on socials) and mastered by Lukas Turza of Snap Mastering.

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March 11, 2022
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