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Cover art for Blk Orchid's song: Return My Heart  ft. Bay C (Shams The Producer Remix)

Return My Heart ft. Bay C (Shams The Producer Remix)

Blk Orchid


Blk Orchid brings dancehall to the Blockchain in a big way with her hit remix to Return My Heart. They team up with legendary dancehall producer Shams The Producer, known for riddims like the Grass Cyaat riddim , and features the also legendary dancehall artist Bay C, of the iconic group TOK. The three of them take you on a Sonic Opus of heartbreak and empowerment, over a thumping Dancehall Riddim. the Collector of this NFT will receive token gated access to the Return My Heart Remix tellie site with a song pack of the various demos and videos of the song's creation. We plan to shoot an epic video for this song in the fall of 2022 in Toronto and will be amazing to shoot live with Bay C and Shams, and all of my close friends. This song means a lot to me and i am very proud and honoured to bring a peice of my Jamaican culture to the Blockchain.

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May 4, 2022
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