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Cover art for Iman Europe's song: studio.


Iman Europe


"'studio." written and performed by iman europe. produced by j marcell. artwork by shawntel. winner of this auction will receive a vinyl of this record and a handwritten letter from me! — lyrics: he was like... 6'5. big lips and brown eyes his mind remind me of the sunrise it got brighter by the minute i'm too caught up to be committed now I'm feelin different ‘cause I just wanna race to you with skates on got me praying you could stay long I remember when you first hit my peripheral should’ve known it would hit me, yo ‘cause I was like oh my wide eyed and memorized and I don't ever really get like that tried to hold it tried to reel that back but the feelings too strong for me to kill em imma need some space from you gotta go and make some art for you aww shit, you an artist too? man. it's funny what the heart'll do i just wanna know do you think of me when you're in the studio? do you think of me when... i just wanna know do you think of me when you're in the studio? when you're in the studio. ‘cause when I'm in this booth, all I see is you I'm in my thoughts, all I think is you wondering if we speak the same language wondering if you vibrate on my wavelength but we need to stick to being focused love is the realest hocus pocus I ain't got the time iou ain't got the time, no later we'll see how it go. do you think of me while making art? have I carved my name deep on your heart, boy? do you think of me when... when it's late night and you're up grinding? when you're in the studio?

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February 24, 2023
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