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Cover art for Mariana Makwaia's song: gimme smthg

gimme smthg

Mariana Makwaia


gimme smthg (i can work with...) Sometime I think our resilience comes from our mortality. We can make so much from so little. All I can ask for is something that's workable... The hook came to me while walking around NYC musing and pining one day. As I produced this brand of medicine out, I found a strange tension between the verses and hooks. Leaning into that dissonance, I decided to modulate keys and affect the vocals as they shifted pitch. A cycle of increasingly affected verses to pleading hooks play out until, ultimately, we end with a fusion of digital and analog Mari. A brief chorus of relief before the final death it were... Song Credits: Produced, written, performed by Mariana Makwaia Mixed, mastered by Cam Murdoch Cover art photographed by Kora Gleason

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January 10, 2023
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