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Cover art for Mickosis's song: Aiur (feat. Mark Holcomb)

Aiur (feat. Mark Holcomb)



This was the follow-up single after my relatively-successful EP launch. This song brings a bit more maturity to my songwriting, and I feel like this song represents a lot of emotions I had in lockdown. Feeling isolated for a year, and a lot of personal drama during that period made me long for an escape, and I've represented it with the waves on the track, as well as on the art. In the original demo, the solo section was just an open section with an ambient lead guitar in the middle. But during writing, I felt that the ending deserves an amazing solo. That's where Mark came in, I just took a chance to ask him if he wants to write a solo, and waking up at 3 AM I found his reply. Wasn't expecting one of the greatest guitar players in the progressive metal scene to shred one for a track that's made in a random bedroom in Manila. I hope to whoever gets this 1-of-1, bottled and preserved piece of my emotions resonates and truly enjoys the song. This song was released on October 14, 2021. Credits: Written & Produced by: Mico Rigunay Guitar Solo by: Mark Holcomb (Periphery) Produced & Mixed by: Adam Bentley (Arch Echo) Mastered by: Ermin Hamidovic (Systematic Productions) Art by: Sushant Vohra Dedicated to: Faith Sabigan

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February 8, 2023
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