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Cover art for tyler coolidge's song: HOTMAIL


tyler coolidge


My second official release as a solo artist in 2022, "HOTMAIL" is a sexy, romantic and playful "Bay to L.A." situationship-anthem. This one has always been fun to work on to me since I started the original demo in 2019, and carries a lot of personal anecdotes inside of it. It's 808 and synth heavy, it's a lot of crooning but somehow still kinda danceable/rideable, which are all things I definitely prefer in my music. This thing is produced by combat tools, features my brother DRE?WHO on vocals with me, and has some gorgeous additional production by my other brother Hokage Simon. (both of these blokes are also from the Bay Area like I am...we fasho got something special happening in the Bay)

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July 9, 2022
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