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Cover art for yuri beats's song: Blue & Green

Blue & Green

yuri beats


The winning bidder will receive; High Quality .Wav Stems of 'Blue and Green' as well as unlimited and unrestricted and unlimited right to make use (or refrain from using) of the contents of the NFT in any manner or method the Owner sees fit (including, without limitation, selling, marketing, transferring) free of any claim by Creator. The details of this agreement can be found through the following link, By bidding on this NFT, the bidder agrees to abide by all provisions contained within the above agreement. Upon winning this auction, please deliver a signed copy of the above agreement to Failure to deliver a signed copy of this agreement to this email address may result in the forfeiture of the rights referred to above. Blue & Green is an original composition by Yuri Beats. All instruments are played, arranged, recorded and mixed by Yuri Beats. If you have any questions, please reach out to

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July 2, 2021
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