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Well known as the man behind the band Rock N Roll Mafia, this guy has always been one adventurous person in the electronic music scene. He’s also active as a DJ throughout Bandung, Jakarta, and Bali (Indonesia). D-909 now dives more into analog, creating dance music with modular synthesizer and DAW. Performing with his new system under the name Discokid909. His NFT journey can be traced by his minted original tracks which can be found on OBJKT, OpenSea, FND, and Catalog, which usually are accompanied by visual artwork and a special D-909 character designed by his wife @ykhaamelz. He also did a few collaborations with other amazing visual artists like @debbietea, @lorengprojekt, @mahendranazar, @betok_, @witchkana, and @gogoporen.
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