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Ervin Mitchell

Ervin Mitchell is asongwriter and rap artist from Memphis, Tennessee and currently based out of the hotbed of urban culture: Atlanta, GA. Ervin has quickly gained over 4,000,000 monetized streams. He has mastered his live performance through everything from ragers at the infamous "Department Store", festival stages at SXSW and Tech Groove, to high energy romps at iconic venues like The Masquerade and Center Stage in Atlanta. Ervin internalizes the philosophy that the job of a true artist is to convey meaningful messages and emotions in the simplest way. Ervin is all about the power of dichotomy and often juxtaposes meaningful deep lyrics with light-hearted tropes. He combines the vulnerable sensibilities of a Kid Cudi with the braggadocio laced lyrical wordplay of Lil Wayne. Ervin has leveraged genre-bending collaborations to build an underground following that spans across the globe.
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