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Foursixone is a German electronic music producer and creative developer based in Hamburg. He started out making music in the mid-90s with a 80286 PC and a noisy self-soldered 8-bit mono DAC attached to the PC's printer port. As an active member of the vivid & competitive European Demoscene he knows how to work within tight restrictions and how to make the most out of limited resources. His work has been released on the underground label M3rck records as well as respected netlabels like Kahvi Collective and Miasmah. Thanks to a passion for collecting vinyl he discovered Broken Beat in the early 2000s, which led him down the rabbit hole resulting in an unbridled love for syncopated rythms. These days he is recreating an authentic 90s production studio equipped with all the original hardware and tools that were financially out of reach back then.
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