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MacEagon Voyce

As a child MacEagon had a debilitating stutter. He was a hopeless bearer of his own last name. Over time, it became difficult to trust his voice, but through singing, he found a way to sidestep his speech. He studied vocal performance & composition at Carleton College, singing his way through his stutter while beginning to find solace in the written word, transitioning into a career as a music journalist (Vice, Nerdist). For many years he hid his voice behind his pen, until he interviewed the stuttering composer Alvin Lucier. That conversation was the beginning of a long, slow embrace of a painful & defining part of himself. Eventually, he found his way back to his voice & his own music. Drawing from brooding melody makers like Angel Olsen & Thom Yorke, as well as prodigious vocalists like Jeff Buckley & Joe Cocker, the Minnesota-born & London-based singer-songwriter layers his powerful four-octave voice & poignant lyrics atop melancholic piano-laced folk rock.
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