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Mr. Mitch

Perhaps best-known internationally as the Planet Mu Records-signed producer and DJ, London’s Mr. Mitch, aka Miles Mitchell, is more than he appears. A unique artist, he defines his music by his own personality rather than deferring to a scene consensus. A minimalist at heart, Mitchell specialises in detailed sound and melody in space, but remains ambitious in his scope, taking excerpts and inspiration from RnB, Dancehall and his early roots in grime. This is clear on his new album Lazy – released on his own label Gobstopper Records. According to Boomkat the album places Mitch as “the UK’s answer to Theo Parrish” as he is “jazzily drawing out of the lines and injecting their works with a tangible, characteristic sort of psychedelic soul”. The album also lends itself to the club – as noted by Pitchfork, it “sounds like the best kind of club set”.
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