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Imagine a universe where we’re connected by shimmering beams of light, everyone to everyone. One quirk about this universe is that the beams send emotions between us, one million per minute per pair, clearly & effortlessly. Now imagine we already live in this universe except, long ago, we forgot where the beams went. But we’ve always kept music with us: it’s our best way to speak in the old way. // Taiwan-born & reared on-the-go across the American Southwest, Eric Pan found his musical footing via a jazz mentorship with Ray Brown at the University of California. These studies propelled him onto stages with Jeff Hamilton & Roy Hargrove, plus over a decade’s tenure as New York City pianist & composer. Pan's compositions and improvisations reveal a relentless pursuit of simplicity, craft, and universality. Hear him interviewed on-air alongside Orson Welles on national radio with PRI’s “The World”, and read his premiere interview in JAZZIZ Magazine. // new york 🏜 berlin
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