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Yaxx Castillo

Hi! My name is Yaxx Castillo and I'm 26 years young. I'm a cuban bilingual singer/songrwriter, been singing in a cuban rock band since 2016 and in 2020 I realized I could write some songs, so I started doing that, and let me tell you I LOVE IT. There's a big latin influece in my music because I mean, before I learned to walk I already knew how to salsa (insert laughing emoji here) so, like I was saying, there's a big latin influence in my songs, and as the latin girl I am, I love love love some heartbreak songs, we latinas love some drama, another thing I discovered about myself during the pandemic is I'm a sucker for flamenco, so, trying to merge with all my musical influences has been amazing. Another thing you need to know about my work, my patner in crime, my producer and support, a very talented musician called Caueiro, he'll be by my side in every step of this beautiful journey. Also my favorite color is purple. if you made it here, thanks for reading.
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